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Death by Arrangement five star reviews on Amazon

Max and Gracey are two stars in my novella.

It has been quite an adventure writing my first novella, Death by Arrangement. I'm grateful for the nineteen five star reviews on Amazon. Death by Arrangement is now available on Ingram and Barnes and Noble.  Here are a few reviews. 

"This story grabs you!!!! I became very connected to the main characters Sarah and Jerard and found it difficult to put the book down. I love how relatable Sarah and her life was and loved all the San Francisco references. It is apparent the author poured a lot of herself into this story.... it is a must read."

"This is such a suspenseful book that I read it in just 2 days! It is very well written and is not at all predictable. The author has a talent for words! I highly recommend this book!!"

"The author hooked me from the beginning had me the whole time. Surprising twists and turns keep me turning pages well into the night! Her attention to detail is fabulous. . . I felt like I was there. I highly recommend it!"